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Proud of Võru county

OmaKing is a company of the people of Võru County. Regardless of how big we think, we are still proud of our home and its genuineness. This is why the products we manufacture bear the names of people from our neck of the woods: Säre, Sänna, Toku, Trolla...

Our products are like envoys of the Estonian state in foreign countries. If our products receive a warm reception, then trust and interest towards a small country like Estonia, and our beloved home of Võru County, are created. This is our collective effort.

Loe veel

Made with our hands

Handicraft is a disappearing art form. It is much simpler to let large machines spit things out instead. OmaKing is proud of the fact that our footwear has passed through the hands of our own people.

Loe veel