Masterful skills and design

Truly comfortable and high-quality items do not come about out of anywhere. We work hard every day so that you could wear comfortable, well-designed footwear.

As a company, we aim to give people the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

We employ skilful shoemakers and precise designers.

The pride of Võru County

Omaking is owned by local Võru people. However high or far we aim, we will always be proud of our home and its uniqueness. This is the reason why we name our products after our communities: Säre, Sänna, Toku, Trolla, etc.

Our products are like ambassadors of Estonia in foreign states: if they are received well, trust and interest will also spark in the small country of Estonia and our beloved Võru County. This is our joint effort.

Traditions starting from 1927

Ritico OÜ is a company established in 1993, which continues its family traditions of shoe-making since 1927.

Our production is located in Kirumpää near the Town of Võru, where we make sandals, slippers, as well as children’s and gym slippers.

In addition, we are one of the largest insole manufacturers in Eastern Europe. The assortment of products also includes shoelaces and shoe care products.

Our products are made of natural materials and production is completed with eco-friendly technology.