Collonil Nanopro 300ml


32,70 €/liiter

Effective moisture and dirt shield for rough leather and textile.

  • Improved protection against moisture and dirt. 20% more effective than other impregnation agents, thanks to carbon fluoride resin.
  • Suitable for smooth and rough leather, textile and HIGH-TECH materials.
  • Makes the surface of the leather extremely smooth, repelling dirt and moisture. Water and dirt cannot stick to the leather and simply glide off the surface.

How to:

  • Treat before first use.
  • Shake thoroughly.
  • Spray onto item (from 20 cm; on first use repeat 2-3 times) and leave to dry.
  • After drying, polish smooth leather and brush rough leather.
  • Proper treatment before the first wear and regular maintenance will ensure your shoes a long life!
  • Since the Nano-effect works on the surface of the product, the nano-technological products must be applied last!