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Traditions since 1927

Founded in 1993, Ritico OÜ is a company that continues family shoemaking traditions which date back to 1927. Our production facility is located in Kirumpää, near the city of Võru, where we manufacture sandals, indoor slippers, as well as children's and gymnastics shoes. In addition, we are one of the largest insole manufacturers in Eastern Europe. Our line of products also includes shoelaces and shoe care products. Our products are manufactured from natural materials, and during production we use environmentally friendly technology.

We sell sandals, insoles and shoelaces under the trade mark OmaKing. Our gymnastics shoes can be found under the trade mark HipHop. In addition to our own products we also offer Collonil shoe care products, one of the top rated series of shoe care products in the world. We are also manufacturer Salzenbrodt & Co’s representative in Estonia. Our products are not hard to find. They are sold in the nearest shoe stores, the best supermarkets and department stores across Estonia.

You can also purchase our products without leaving home, directly from our e-shop.




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