Kadri Vent
+372 5905 9329

Our BIG helping hand. She helps to find the best solutions for both all of our clients, as well as all of us. And if she doesn’t have the solution in her back pocket, she will google it. I can’t think of a single thing she doesn’t know how to do and if such a thing would turn up, she would definitely look it up by the following day.

Kaiju Thal
+372 782 1248

Our ultra-multifunctional sales representative. Because she is a daring experimenter – she specializes in testing how durable the various OmaKing products are to the washing-machine –, she knows all there is to know about all our products. She is also the chemist and a lab technician of our shoe care products and will find the best maintenance solution for absolutely any footwear there is.

Kairi Rammo
+372 506 2530

Kairi is our sharpshooter and model of thoroughness. Although she is the newest addition to Ritico, nobody would probably believe it, because the knowledgeable look in her eye speaks for itself. She is a tough Estonian woman with a big heart.

Merle Vaab
+372 782 8298

Our photographer-accountant or a strong support force in artistic and creative issues, who juggles it with being an accountant who is able to close the books.

Külli Leotoots
Staff and materials
+372 782 8291

The archive of our experience and the best anthropologist and people’s person, who has somehow managed to herd our pack for decades. I’m sure her Baltic sprat rolls and cod liver salad have something to do with it.

Ruth Kulpson
+372 782 1248

The oil between our machines and people at our studio. She is able to make all the cogs turn in a way that everything works smoothly. Don’t hold your breath to hear her say “impossible” – it’s always possible! She really is someone who understands the internal life of machines.

Vambola Leis
+372 523 1016

The deviser and master of our company, the real Estonian Nokia, who fortunately dedicates his talents with Ritico alone. Maybe we should patent him …

+372 782 8295

They cannot be wrong, because they look after our largest treasure vault and issue only a few things at a time (according to the confirmed orders). You think they’re cute… 🙂

Eren Leis
+372 782 1248

Our elegant and stylish creative spirit, who not only dreams up beautiful things but is also able to turn her ideas into actual products. She is also the treasurer of medicinal herbs.

Piibe Tomp
+372 782 1248

Our sunny creative spirit. She is so positive that even the most complicated models become a reality like magic.